The Matching Grants are released to the village Panchayats depending upon their tax collection. This is an unconditional grant which can be utilized for any purpose by the panchayat.The grants are released as per the following pattern of assistances:-

(a)Panchayats with annual income up to Rs.50,000/- 200% of the taxes collected subject to minimum of Rs.20,000/-
(b)Panchayat with annual income above Rs.50,000/-up to Rs.1,00,000/- Rs.1,00,000/-and 15% of the additional income from taxes above Rs.1,00,000/-
(c)Panchayat with annual income over Rs.1,00,000/- upto Rs.2,00,000/- Rs.1,75,000/- and 100% of the additional income from taxes above Rs.1,00,000/-
(d)Panchayat with annual income over Rs.2,00,000/- upto Rs.5,00,000/- Rs.2.75.000/- and 50% of the additional income from taxes above Rs.2,00,000/-
(e)Panchayats whose annual income is above Rs.5,00,000/- Rs.4,25,000/- only.

If any panchayat registers a fall in the income during the year as compared to the income of the previous year, the Government reserves the right to release matching grants to such panchayats at 50% of the admissible amount.


Government sanctions grant-in-aid for financially weaker panchayats for undertaking the developmental works. These grants mainly under the heading roads and communication and Health and Sanitation. The Pattern of assistance is as follows:

(a) Panchayat having annual income Govt. grants Popular contribution
(b)Upto Rs.3.00 lakhs 100% of project cost NIL
(c)Between Rs.3.00 lakhs to Rs.4.00lakhs 75% of project cost 25%
(d)Between Rs.4.0lakhs to Rs.5.00lakhs 50% of project cost 50%<
(e) Above Rs.5.00lakhs NIL NIL


From the year 2001-02 the Government has introduced a scheme of giving special grants to weaker Panchayats whose annual income is less than Rs.10.00lakhs in order to provide them with sufficient funds to make payment of salaries to their staff like L.D.C-cum-typist and Peon-cum-Messenger as per the followings pattern of assistances:-

A Rs.1,40,000/-
B Rs.90,000/-
C Rs.90,000/-
D Rs.40,000/-

The panchayats are authorized to appoint full time L.D.C.-cum-Typist and Peon-cum-Messenger as permanents staff of the panchayat.


From the year 2001-02, the State Govt. has abolished Octroi on petroleum goods which was being collected by the municipal councils and the village panchayats and in the place of octroi, the Govt. has levied sales tax on petroleum products. Every financial year, the Govt. releases special grants in three installments to the Respective village panchayats on the amount collected in lieu of octroi.


Goa Panchayat Parishad established in the year 1983 with its office at 115, Ramchandra building, Mapusa.The Directorate releases an amount of Rs.10000/-to the Parishad every year to undertake various activities. There are MahilaMandals in the villages Organized and register under the Societies Act. Of 1860. The Directorate sanctions unconditional grants to MahilaMandals in order to take up Social activities and to create Awareness among the Rural Woman’s for Participation in Panchayat Raj. After registration of the new MahilaMandals,it is eligible for a grant of Rs.1000/- for the first year and there after an amount of Rs.500/- is released to each MahilaMandals every year as annual grant.
The All India Panchayat Parishad and the MahilaMandals are required to submit Utilization Certificate of Grants sanctioned to them every year.


The above scheme is operated by the Directorate of Panchayat through the Block Development Officers.


Any person who is born and residing in Goa whose annual income from all the sources does not exceed Rs.25000 per annum and who does not own a house either in his own name or in the name of any of his family members shall be eligible to avail of the benefits of this scheme for construction of new house or for repairs or improvement of the existing house.

Amount of Loans: –

The maximum amount of loans which can be sanctioned under this scheme is Rs.20000/- which is relasesed in three installments. The first installment of Rs.5000/- is released at the time of Sanction of loan. The Second installment of Rs.1000/- if released on the recommendations of the Respective Block Development Officer after verified that the construction has reached up to the Plinth level. The third and the last installment of Rs.5000/- is released on a furnishing a certificate by the Block Development Officer that the Construction has reached up to the Roof level. The loan carries interest at such rates as may be fixed by the Govt. from the time to time.


The principal amount of loan along with interest is recoverable in 20 equal annual installments, the first installment being payable on the expiry of 18 months from the date of its disbursement. The application for loan along with the required documents shall be submitted to the Block Development Officer who shall forward it with his recommendations to the Director of Panchayats within a week from its receipt. The application for loan shall be accompanied with the following documents:-Title Documents

(a) Permission from the Panchayats

(b) Site Plan

(c) Model of the House

(d) Photograph of the Applicant

(e) Income Certificate

(f) Residential Certificate

(h) Certificate from the Mamlatdar to the effect that the applicant and his father or mother were born in Goa.

The total estimated costs of the construction or improvement or repairs of the house should not exceed Rs.25,000/-.The construction, improvement or repairs should becompleted within a period of one year from the date of disbursement of the first installments. The land and the house are required to be mortgaged in favour of the Government.

No loan under this scheme can be granted to a person who has already obtained or applied for loan for the same purpose under any other scheme of the Government, housing society, Corporation or Bank. The Director of Panchayats is the sanctioning authority under this scheme.


Under the schemes the village Panchayat may apply to the Govt. for grant of loan for starting, in there area anyone or more of such remunerative schemes given below.

(a) Coconut and Cashew Nurseries

(b) Laying out of Orchards

(c) Laying out of Vegetables Farms

(d) Reclamation of Waste Land

(e) Installation of Pumping Sets

(f) Purchase of Tractors and Improved Agricultural Implements hire.

(g) Poultry Farms

(h) Piggery Farms

(i) Dairies

(j) Construction of Guest Houses, Shops, markets and Godowns.

(k) Working of Stone Quarries

(l) Small and Cottage Industries

(m) Miscellaneous schemes based on particular potentialities of the area.

(n) Any Other Scheme Approved by the Government.


Under the Rural Garbage Disposal scheme the State Government provides funds to the Village Panchayats for acquisition of land for garbage sites and for development of the garbage collection site and other facilities required for disposal of Garbage. Under the scheme the village Panchayats are required to segregate the garbage at source into bio – degradable and non-biodegradable waste. The bio-degradable waste is to be vermin – composted through the process of vermiculture for which the Panchayats are required to construct composting pits. The cost of collection, transportation, segregation, storage processing and disposal of Garbage is also borne by the Government to the extent of 98% and the balance 2% is to be borne by the Village Panchayat, for the first 3 years. On the expiry of this period, the entire cost is to be borne by the Village Panchayats. Detailed guidelines have been annexed to the scheme so as to assist the Panchayats in disposal of the garbage in a hygienic and scientific manner.


Under the Goa Panchayat (Grant of Financial Assistance to the Village Panchayats to deal with Plastic Garbage Menace) Scheme, 2007, financial assistance is given to the Village Panchayat which are affected by plastic garbage menace. The village Panchayats can hire labourers @ a maximum of Rs.150/- per labourer, for collection of the plastic garbage from the household on door – to – door basis or organize regular plastic collection drives in their areas. Every such Village Panchayat which is affected by plastic garbage menace is entitled for Rs.25,000/- per annum for collection and disposal of the plastic waste. In case a Compactor is provided to the Village Panchayat than such Panchayat is entitled to Rs. 50,000/- per annum which is also to be utilized for the purpose of fuel for the Compactor.


Under Rajiv AwaasYojana Scheme any person who is born and residing in the State of Goa sice last 15 years and whose father and mother is born in Goa and where the total income including that of his family from all sources does not exceed Rs. 1 lakh and who does not own any house or owns a house either in his/her own name or in the name of any of the family meembers, which requires repairs, shall be eligible to avail the benifits of this scheme. The Director of Panchayats is the sanctioning authorithy for the rural areas and The Director of Social Welfare is the sanctioning authorithy for urban areas. Under this scheme an amount of Rs.25,000/- shall be sanctioned for the purpose construction of new house and 12,500/- for the purpose of repairing an existing house. The eligible applicants who require assistance under this scheme are required to submit the application in the prescribed form to the respective Block Developmen Officer with all the required documents.


The Govt. of Goa has decided to provide financial assistance to mining affected Village Panchayats by granting them one time Grants-in-aid so as to empower the local bodies to tide over the financial crisis due to halting of mining. The grants sanctioned as one time financial assistance under this scheme to any one mining affected village Panchayat shall be a fixed amount of Rs. 5 lakhs. The Village Panchayat to whom grants are sanctioned shall utilize the same within 1 year from the date of drawal of grants. The scheme is in the formulation stage and has been send to the Govt, for necessary action. The scheme shall remain in force till 31/3/2015. Overall 93 Village Panchayats of Sanguem, Dharbandora, Quepem, Bicholim and Ponda Taluka will be covered under this Scheme.


Under this scheme the Govt. takes up the infrastructure project in every Panchayat amounting to 1 Crore. The Panchayat has to decide the project to be undertaken and will be executed through GSIDC, GTDC or such other agency. Funds will be allotted to the agency in 3 installments within 30 days after receiving the detail proposal.


The Govt. has decided to make a token provision of Rs.10.00 lakhs to attend calamities during the monsoon period from June to Sept.2014. The scheme is in the formulation stage and will be forwarded to the Govt. for necessary action.

Documents Required for Schemes

(Note: If Any Change In Name Divergency Certificate Should Be Taken From Panchayat)
All The Copies of The Original Should Be Attested

For Details Contact Querim-Tiracol Village Panchayat Office or Respective Ward Panch Member.

Requirements for Senior Citizen Pension (60 yrs& Above)

1) Birth / Baptism Certificate Copy

2) Marriage Certificate Copy (only for Women)

3) Residence certificate 15 years

4) Income Certificate (Rs.24000 per year)

5) Bank Pass Book Copy

6) Ration Card Copy

7) Aadhaar Card Copy

8) Election Card Copy

9) 2 Passport Size Photos

Requirements For Widow Pension (Below 60 Yrs)

1) Birth / Baptism Certificate Copy

2) Marriage Certificate Copy

3) Death Certificate Copy of Husband

4) Income Certificate (Rs.24000 per year)

5) Bank Pass Book Copy

6) Ration Card Copy

7) Election Card Copy

8) Aadhaar Card Copy

9) Residence certificate 15 years

10) 2 Passport Size Photos

Requirements for Disabled Person

1) Birth / Baptism Certificate Copy

2) Disability Certificate Copy from G.M.C. or Hospicio

3) Marriage Certificate Copy (only for Women)

4) Income Certificate (Rs.24000 per year)

5) Residence certificate 15 years

6) Ration Card Copy

7) Election Card Copy

8) Aadhaar Card Copy

9) 50 Rs. Stamp Paper (Utilization Declaration only if Minor eg. below 21 yrs of age)

10) 2 Passport Size Photos

11) Bank Pass Book Copy (Joint Account if Minor)

Requirements for Transfer of Pension

1) Birth / Baptism Certificate Copy

2) Death Certificate Copy

3) Marriage Certificate Copy (only for Women)

4) Aadhaar Card Copy

5) Bank Pass Book Copy of both Husband & Wife

6) Election Card Copy

7) Ration Card Copy

8) 2 Passport Size Photos

Requirements for Disability Card

1) Birth / Baptism Certificate Copy

2) Disability Certificate Copy from G.M.C. or Hospicio

3) Marriage Certificate Copy (only for Women)

4) Aadhaar Card Copy

5) Ration Card Copy

6) Election Card Copy

7) 2 Passport Size Photos

Requirements for Senior Citizen Card

1) Birth / Baptism Certificate Copy

2) Marriage Certificate Copy (only for Women)

3) Election Card Copy

4) Aadhaar Card Copy

5) Ration Card Copy

6) 2 Passport Size Photos

Requirements for Laadli Laxmi

1) Self Certified Copy of Birth Certificate.

2) Self-Certified Copy of 15 years Resident Certificate (as applicable) issued by
Mamlatdar and School Leaving Certificate from 1ststd till date and the current

BonafideCertificate issued by the recognized Educational Institute in which the
girl is presently.

3) Self-Certified Copy of Election Card

4) Self-Certified Copy of Aadhaar Card

5) Self-Certified Copy of Ration Card

6) Self-Certified Copy of Civil Marriage Registration Certificate (Which may be also
include the first registration certificate) if any, along with invitation card. (Required
if married)

7) Affidavit on Rs. 50 Stamp Paper or with Special Adhesive stamp in Prescribed
from Annexure II or Self Declaration

8) Pre-Receipt with Revenue stamp (in duplicate) in prescribed

9) Self-Certified Residence Certificate of Parent issued by Mamlatdar (15 or 25

10) Self-Certified Birth Certificate of Parent

11) Self-Certified 2 Passport Size Photos

12) Self-Certified Marriage Certificate of Parents

13) Self-CertifiedAadhar Card and Elecion Card

(Note: Those Married on or After 01st April 2012)

Requirements for House Wife Scheme

1) Self-Certified Marriage Certificate Copy

2) Self-Certified Residence Certificate issued by Mamlatdar (15 yrs)

3) Original Income Certificate of less then 3 Lakhs issued by Panchayat

4) Aadhaar Card Copy

5) Election Card Copy

6) Ration Card Copy

7) Bank Passbook with IFSC & MICR code

8) 1 Passport Size Photos